Final Projects - Tips and Suggestions

We know that you are all in the final stages of your project and we wanted to offer some helpful suggestions for submitting your final report.

All final reports and auxiliary materials need to be uploaded to your school’s portal.  If you do not remember how to do this or have questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact me.
Final reports: These must be typed in either Word or PDF format.  No handwritten submissions!

Auxiliary Materials:
Powerpoint: We are asking all projects submit a powerpoint with pictures detailing the work completed by your team.  

Film/Documentary: Though a film/documentary is not required, if you have created a short film and would like to submit to the evaluation team your best bet is to upload it to a Youtube account.  But don’t forget to provide us with a link. 

Google Presentation or Prezi: If you have created either a Google presentation or Prezi a username and password will need to be provided for access.  Once again, If we can’t access or view your presentation we can’t use it to evaluate your program.

MOST IMPORTANT: The team of evaluators can only evaluate what they have access to.  If for any reason the presentation software is uncooperative or they are unable to access the file, this will be a factor in the evaluation of your project.  It is very important to make sure all programs are embedded with all media pieces.