Important Dates and Information

By now your teams should be winding down or putting in the final effort on your projects.  Since we are in the winding down phase of this Challenge Journey, I wanted to share with you some key/IMPORTANT DATES AND INFORMATION.

THURSDAY April 9:  Surveys - This is the deadline for all surveys to be completed online.  NOTE: Please check your E-mail in-box for the link to all surveys.  It is IMPERATIVE all students and advisors enter their information by FRIDAY APRIL 11, 2014 so we can start gathering and report on all data.
THURSDAY April 16:  Project Completion - All submissions are due no later than 5 PM this date or risk disqualification.

MONDAY May 4:  Awards - It’s time to PARTY!  The Red Carpet event will start with doors opening at Visalia’s LJ Williams Theater at 5 PM.  From 5-6 PM pictures of teams will be taken with the program promptly starting at 6pm sharp.  After the awards event, a VIP reception will be held for all advisors, students and their guests (family and friends)

NOTE:  Awards Attire - This is a Red Carpet event and we want this to be a special occasion for you, your students, and your school.  Please have your students dress accordingly.  Picture Day or Church attire is sufficient.  Please no shorts or tank tops.

Please feel free to contact me if any issues arise or if you have any questions about what I have shared.